Felix​/​Chris Herbert Split 7"

by Felix



"One of the most lovely ditties we've heard in ages... one that evokes sunsets, cider ice lollies and casual giggles."
- boomkat


released August 1, 2007

Side A - As Blue as your Eyes lover, Chris Herbert
Side AA - What I Learned From TV, Lucinda Chua/Chris Summerlin



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Felix UK

New album due Spring 2012.

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Track Name: What I Learned From TV
If I could take back all the bad words
If I had prayed for all the pregnant girls
If I had told my mother I loved her,
My sister I missed her,
My father that he was like no other
If I was not bitter about the lover
Who left me crying at the altar
I would be better, I would be stronger

If the skies were clear and the stars were bright
If it was not pollution that caused the northern lights [Sic]
If everything was safe at night
and people didn't fuss and fight
It would be better, we would live longer
I want to run faster, I wish I was more clever

If guilt trips weren't my last record
And if I could hear that guy's voice off Transworld Sport
And if I hadn't cheated or lied to coincide with whatever game I was playing we would be winning
We'd both be singing
My cat wouldn't be missing
My kitchen would be gleaming
I hate this feeling